Removal of the wrap film will not damage OEM paint.

1.    What is a wrap?

Vinyl wrapping, also referred to as a "color changeā€, is the process of applying a thin PVC based self adhesive film to the painted surface of your vehicle. PPF (paint protection film) is a Urethane based film that prevents rock chips and other environmental damage to your paint.

2.    What is the benefit of wrapping my vehicle?

Vinyl wraps are a cost effective, removable alternative to customizing your vehicles color and finish. PPF serves to protect the paint and is the most durable option.

3.    Will the wrap damage my paint? 

No. Removal of quality wrap film will not damage the OEM paint.

4.    Can a wrap be coated?

Yes we can coat your wrap with Ceramic Pro. This eases maintenance and extends the durability of a wrap.

5.    Can the wrap be removed?

Yes. The underlying OEM paint will be just as it was before installation. 

6.    How much does vehicle wrap cost?  

This is determined by the vehicle size and the amount of coverage being requested. There are various types of vinyl finishes (i.e. gloss, satin, matte, brushed, carbon fiber, and chrome) that can affect the cost as well. Contact us for a vehicle specific estimate.

7.    Will there be visible seams?

We make every attempt for a clean and flawless installation. However, depending on how favorable the body lines of the vehicle are and the limitations of the material (allowing up to 10-15% of stretch before affecting the finish) we may be required to inlay pieces into complex areas to increase durability. 

8.    How long does the process take?

Typically expect 24-72 hours depending on the extent of the coverage and the nature of the material that is being used (textured and chrome films take more time).

9.    Is there a warranty?

We warrant our vinyl wrap installations for 1-2 years from the installation date, and PPF film is warranted for 10 years. 

10.  How do I care for my wrap?

It is recommended that your vehicle be hand-washed. Automatic car washes can damage the wrap. NEVER use a pressure washer on wrapped surfaces. We do recommend Ceramic Pro or using a polymer based sealant and upkeep with a spray wax or polymer based detail spray. We have tested Sonax, Chemical Guys, Ceramic Pro, and Avery products with good results.